The Guitar – How the awesomeness began!!!

Beginning to play the guitar was something that happened to me by chance. It all started when I along with my family went to visit my father’s close friend, George, at a nearby city. I was probably 15 back then. Although I was already into rock and metal, the idea of actually learning to play the guitar had never really occurred to me. But the aforementioned visit changed that, when I met George’s son, Rohit. When I entered their home, I found the guy jamming in the living room! He was playing a sexy metallic-black electric guitar, while he was surrounded by all the cool gear..I saw amplifiers, several effect pedals, cables, etc. Of course, I was totally clueless about all this equipment back then, but what I knew is that they looked freaking badass! All of this was completely new to me and hence I was pretty overwhelmed. But what made me go “WOW!!” was the sound! The heavy distortion sound blew me away!

Later, when I checked out his room, I wasn’t surprised to see the walls covered with posters of bands such as Nirvana, Guns N‘ Roses, Metallica and many more. He had a whole bunch of acoustic and electric guitars lying across the room, which kind of impressed me. As we engaged in discussions regarding guitars and music, I asked him to play some of my favorite songs. I can tell you that watching somebody jam is FAR better than listening to tracks on the PC or iPod (provided the instrument is played well of course). And this guy was a beast! He played solos that were originally played by guitar legends such as Slash, with utter ease. Watching him play gave me goosebumps. At the time, it was almost like watching God work his magic. When he noticed my rising curiosity, he started teaching me the basics after handing me one of his acoustic guitars. And I really appreciated that. He explained about the strings, how the tuning pegs affect the pitch and how the instrument is tuned. When I got a hang of it to an extent, he taught me a couple of chords. I picked up quite fast to be honest. And later, guess what? We jammed! The song was Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Our families seemed quite pleased with this development.

Later that day, while we were hanging out with our families, I was surprised when George made us stop by at a music store. Yes!!! That’s when I bought my first guitar! I was elated! Later, Rohit taught me some simple intro riffs for tracks such as the Mission Impossible theme, Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water and a couple more. And trust me..the feeling I got when I was able to reproduce my favorite tunes, using my own bare hands, was just out of this world! Later that night, when it was time to bid farewell, I thanked George and Rohit. Had I not visited them, I probably would have never pursued the instrument.

And that’s how it all started! I was hooked! I had something to be passionate about. I could spend hours on the guitar and all that time spent on it was more than worth it. I was filled with a sense of contentment. I had something to genuinely feel proud of..