She appeared resplendent in a colourful garb,

So lovely that I had to remember to breathe.

Her eyes shone as I watched them tear up,

And I wondered if she could look any more winsome.

She sat there looking into the void, in choked desolation,

Her face expressing melancholy and despair.

As I gazed at her with uttermost love and concern,

A solitary tear trickled down her cheek.

I said ‘don’t’ while subduing the inordinate urge

To take her in my embrace and rid her of the pain.

As I looked at her, helpless and stock-still,

I felt a stir of emotions within me.

Along with that, however, came the realization

That the sight I had just witnessed

Was the most beautiful thing I had seen in aeons,

A sight to remember, a sight to cosset.


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